• Contemporany Trumpet

    Format: CD Description: In this album Rubén Simeó, accompanied on the piano by the master Alejo Amoedo, offers us an outstandingly contemporary repertoire of great musicality. […]
  • Trumpet Fantasy

    Format: Compact Disc Description: Great musicality of the melodic lines connected to a potent and fabulously open sound. Incomparable technique and virtuosity. Even in the fast […]
  • Baroque Virtuoso

    Format: Online Description: A the continuation of the recordings dedicated to the Baroque period. A compendium of high level virtuosity concerts.
  • The European Baroque Trumpet

    Format: Online Description: The first record of the Baroque cycle, a collaboration between Rubén and Vicent Campos. Baroque concerts adapted to a duo formation, with the […]
  • Trumpet Concertos

    Format: Online Description: The second album recorded in Japan, with the Avex Classics label in 2009 when Rubén was seventeen years old, followed by a broad […]
  • Ruben & Siena

    Format: Compact Disc Description: The first album recorded in Japan, with the Avex Classic label in 2008 when Rubén was sixteen years old, it was a […]